About Us

Step up. Step forward.

Mannahouse Resource serves the entire church - from members to pastors, worship to kids, small groups to colleges. We understand that each journey is made up of many steps, and we seek to equip you with the resources you need to step forward in your faith and upward in your leadership journey.

The resources we’ve curated come from proven churches in the Mannahouse Global Family. We hope and pray that you are strengthened and encouraged by them.

Provision For The Journey.

Mannahouse is a local church with a global vision. Our church community is faithfully on the move, pressing forward into the unknown, and pursuing His presence and His promises.

As we pursue God’s mission to see the Kingdom of God established across the earth, we are called to be a church that equips God’s people for the journey ahead.

Resources. Training. Books.

We’re not stepping out into new territory; we are stepping up and forward with what we know: curated, valuable, kingdom insights, created for a journey with a kingdom destination.

Resources: Tools to help you take the next step forward. Free resources from job descriptions to position papers, organizational charts to facility documents.

Training: Courses designed for you to take a step up. World-class lessons from theology and biblical foundations to short term missions onboarding.

Books: Essentials for the journey from some of our best authors

Better Together.

We have the privilege of being a part of an ever-growing family! We truly are better together.
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